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Nanaimo Parks and Trails


Nanaimo Parks & Trails

With nearly 600 hectares of parks and over 100 kilometres of trails, Nanaimo residents are sure to find many enjoyable ways to appreciate our great location and fantastic weather in the outdoors year round.

Within the Nanaimo city limits you can stroll along the ocean waterfront, either downtown along the seawall or in one of many less crowded areas where you can be alone to commune with nature. There is something about the ocean and it's rythmic sound of waves lapping upon the shore, that soothes the soul regardless of how hectic everyday life can be sometimes.

Gathering seashells by the seashore is a past time enjoyed by young and old alike and your sense of discovery will always be rewarded when you examine a tidal pool by the shore.

You can stroll through wooded areas surrounded by friendly giants, where the floor is carpeted with lush ferns and other west coast plant life. You can enjoy the peace of a gently flowing brook or appreciate the power of a full flowing river and thundering waterfall, all within the city limits.

There are also several parks where fido can enjoy the freedom of being off leash where he can run and greet others of his kind.

In short, Nanaimo is blessed with an incredible seaside location with enjoyable year round weather and parks and trails which make taking advantage of our natural beauty something for people of all ages and interest to truly enjoy.

Nanaimo Parks Locator Map

View Parks & Facilities In Nanaimo in a larger map

Nanaimo Parks Photo Tour

Neck Point Park

1055 Morningside Dr. Nanaimo

Neck Point Park Nanaimo BC

Neck Point Park Nanaimo BC

Neck Point Park

Neck Point Grouse

Piper's Lagoon Park

3600 Place Road Nanaimo

Pipers Lagoon Sign

Pipers Lagoon

Shack Island

Maffeo Sutton Park &

Swy - a -lana Lagoon

Arena Street Downtown Nanaimo

maffeo sutton park

Spirit Square Maffeo Sutton Park

Swy-a-lana Lagoon

Bowen Park

500 Bowen Road Nanaimo

Bowen Park Nanaimo BC

Kin Pool Bowen Park

Bowen Park Nanaimo BC


Bowen Park Nanaimo BC

Bowen Park Nanaimo

Westwood Lake

381 Westwood Road

Westwood Lake Park Nanaimo

Westwood Lake Park Nanaimo BC

Westwood Lake Wildlife

Westwood Lake Park Nanaimo

Coliery Dam Park

635 Wakesiah Road

Coliery Dam Park

Coliery Dam Park

Coliery Dam Park

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Pipers Lagoon Park