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Nanaimo Real Estate

Nanaimo Real Estate

Real Estate In Nanaimo Still A Bargain

Arguably one of the best, if not best, places to live in all of Canada has made the Nanaimo Real Estate Market an excellent performer in recent years. And so it should be: it boasts one of the most temperate climates in Canada, enjoys a location on the ocean which is second to none and is the second largest community on Vancouver Island. Situated in the 'centre' of the Island it is not only a central distribution point but also is boasts a major retail sector which serves the central and upper Vancouver Island region.

The Nanaimo real estate market has enjoyed some tremendous gains over the past ten years, with average house prices rising from $146,829 in 2000 to $340,482 in January 2011 posting a gain of $193,653 over the ten year period. This represents a gain of over 132%.


Even in spite of the recent economic downturn, Nanaimo real estate prices have suffered nowhere near as badly as some other centers.


The spectacular setting the harbour city enjoys combined with extremely favourable weather makes Nanaimo real estate very attractive to people of all age groups. It is especially appealing to semi-retired and retired people who are tired of dealing with the type of winter endured in other parts fo Canada.


Adding to the appeal of Nanaimo real estate is the extensive and varied retail base situated in this central Vancouver Island community. It would be hard to imagine what type of product or service you would be unable to secure in this thriving city.


Making real estate even more alluring is the fact Nanaimo offers most big city amenities while retaining the benefits of a smaller community.


When you consider the natural beauty this sea side community enjoys, fresh clean air, sparkling clear drinking water, swimming pools, ice rinks, golf courses, fishing, boating, coupled with the acres and  acres of parkland, miles and miles of trails and seaside walks, good schools, large hospital, good access to medical and dental, large retail and service sector it is little wonder many consider Nanaimo Real Estate an outstanding bargain when compared with similar centers worldwide.

Fast Facts About Nanaimo

Incorporated : 1874

Population: Approx. 80,000 

On Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia. Approx. 112 km north of Victoria and 55 km west of Vancouver, across the Straits of Georgia.

How Accessed: Via BC Ferries from either Horsehoe Bay or Twasssen. Also via air from Vancouver to the Nanaimo Airport located to the south of Nanaimo at Cassidy. Also many seaplane services leaving from the Nanaimo waterfront, going to Vancouver and Seattle. For more detail click here.

Weather: Delightful! Hot dry summers, and ever so slightly damp fall and winter months. For more detail click here.

Economy: In a word 'diversified'. Consisting of fishing, forestry, tourism, retail and wholesale trade, construction, manufacturing, knowledge and technology based business.

Home Values: Median Value based on January 2012 Stats from VIREB is $305,000 while the average selling price is $316,620

Accommodation: There is a variety of places to stay in the Nanaimo area, such as boutique hotels, and B&B's for those seeking a cozier experience. Timeshare resorts are located only 27 minutes away in Nanoose Bay for those seeking a larger and more affordable option. For more timeshare detail click here.